By Popular Demand, now available year round!

A special offering from Lazarus Vintage for the holidays. Warm rich coco with white chocolate peppermint.

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the absolute best

The Christmas blend is quite simply the best liquid I’ve ever used. The taste, the smell, and the smoothness of it all speak to the joy of perfection.


Can you say rich hot cocoa with a peppermint stick! Now, I normally do not vape any vendors' chocolate flavor because most can't get the ratio of sweet/chocolate/cream/cocoa correct, but this.....absolute perfection. This was my first taste of Lazarus Vintage product a year or so ago. I figured if a company that can get this so on point, the sky is the limit of what this company can do. I've been vaping for over 8 years and consider myself a juice connoisseur since I'm picky and I know what I like. You cannot go wrong with this one! Definitely sets itself apart from anything else out there!