Rolled in cognac and glazed with but­ter­milk, this warm and sweet fla­vor is reserved for only the most exclu­sive cig­ars of the world. Mas­ter Chef Bruce has embold­ened the essence of this fla­vor into a stately and smooth aro­matic fla­vor that amazes and inspires all who taste the wealth of the Jour­ney experience.

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need more stars!

Absolute best juice I've ever had. Every now and then I'll try something different and feel I wasted my money because it just doesn't compare. It has never failed me, coils last longer than with any other juice and it's just an amazing flavor everytime. Started vaping it a few months after starting and haven't looked back....thank you for amazing juice that makes others look like child's play....

absolutely amazing!!!!

I've tried a lot of different companies and vapor liquid but this by far 'the BEST of the BEST!!!! Absolutely amazing!!

Six Stars

Forget any and all juices you've ever vaped before. The name of this juice IS the experience. I can pick out up to 12 vibrant and unique flavors in this one recipe. Lung-hit, mouth hit, nose exhale, mouth exhale. Every single vape is an absolute treat. It's almost chewy. There is no substitute and good luck trying to clone it. You'll be $200 deep when you realize just buying the real deal is the best way to go. Had this juice been the first vape liquid on the market, no other flavors would exist. It's that good.


My husband bought this for him and likes it alot. I tried it and LOVE IT! I vape about 20ml a day, all day,every day. Needless to say, he needs to order him more so I can vape it :)

Journey is life.

I have been vaping with lazarus vintage for more than two years now, and I can firmly say Journey is a flavor that has never let me down, tastes great and hits smoother than any other vape juice I've ever had. I'm on a solid two years of loving this flavor. I have vaped it everyday since 2015 and have yet to get tired of it. Thank you lazarus vintage for all the incredible work on your flavors :).


The headline says it all.

I must have a bottle at all times or I can't enjoy vaping as much as I would like to.

Journey has been my second favorite flavor next only to No. 1. I can never find any juice that tastes as good as Journey or No. 1, no vape shop online store for vape or anything has juice as delicious as this site. Good job Lazarus Vintage keep it up!

I never want to be without this one

As a 5 year vaper, I've tried hundreds of flavors. I've become picky and opinionated in what I'll vape. So when I say Journey is one of the best flavors I've ever had, it's not an exaggeration. It's simply one of the most well thought out and perfectly blended juices out there. This is my "morning coffee" and "after dinner" go to. On the occasions I run out before a refill arrives, there is nothing in the wide assortment of liquids I have that even come close to the level of satisfaction I get from this. I do have to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from a flavor that's described as Cognac and Buttermilk . I don't drink either of those. But obviously someone at Lazarus Vintage knows what they're doing. Journey has a rich, almost dessert-like taste, without being overly sweet. I'd almost swear there's a bit of a toasted graham cracker in there too, but perhaps that's just my unrefined palate. Either way, it's delicious; and on my permanent to-order list.