Rolled in cognac and glazed with but­ter­milk, this warm and sweet fla­vor is reserved for only the most exclu­sive cig­ars of the world. Mas­ter Chef Bruce has embold­ened the essence of this fla­vor into a stately and smooth aro­matic fla­vor that amazes and inspires all who taste the wealth of the Jour­ney experience.

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Met the guys from Lazarus Vintage at a vape show 5 years ago and they turned me on to Journey. A not so sweet, but perfect blend of delicious Cognac and creamy and subtle buttermilk flavor. I vape nothing else. And it tastes great all day long!! Hats of to these guys for such an amazing blend!! Fan for life! If they ever stop making Journey I will probably just quit vaping, nothing else compares.

absolute best juice on the market....

Absolutley love it. Journey is my weakness..


The smoothest vape. I absolutely love it!! Only thing I’ve vaped for 2 years.

Seven Star Wonder

Had to review this juice again simply because it's the best out there. Bar none. After more than a year with Journey I can attest to the consistency of the flavor...it never changes. Over 12 to 15 120ml bottles the flavor was the same. I have yet to meet another Lazarus vaper. And those I turn on to Journey,...not one dislikes it. And about half of them switch to Journey permanently. The last two towns I've lived in carried no LV. They did when I left and had already built a regular demand for the stuff. At any rate, this juice sells itself. If you're tired of the same ole junk juice that everyone carries, try this. You won't regret it.

This is vape royality

This juice rigjt jere is the greatest i have ever tasted.It is definitely an ADV.I would recommend this juice to anyone amd have.Wish there was a little more versatility in the nic strength you can order.Thanks Lazarus

Second Bottle in 2 weeks

Once I first tasted this juice I knew it would be a permanent staple in my rotation. It just has everything going for it. Clean, not too sweet and not too bitter. Awesome company, they uprgraded my 60 to a 120 without any reason besides having good relationships with their customers. Im not a big review writer unless something really stands out, and to show everyone reading these just how much this juice stands out I am going to write a review everytime I buy a bottle. So get used to reading me down here on the reviews. Happy vaping.

Journey to the end....

....of all other juices. Incredible mix here folks. I cant describe the flavor like other mixes but its some of the best stuff I have ever vaped. Smooth as silk, sweet but not too sweet and satisfying mouth coating on exhale. I can taste buttermilk, a little cognac in the back on high wattage, maybe a toasted tobacco in the middle? This is NOT a 4 or 6 flavor mix, I get many flavors out of it but it all works so well together. Fantastic juice.

only juice i vape

starts off sweet then nutty. vape all day