An exotic blend of Greek and Egyptian flavors, the mixture of pink champagne and hypnotic fruits seduce you like the beauty that captured the heart of Julius Caesar. The ageless beauties of these ingredients are what give Cleopatra the elixir of life.

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Wow, this is pure heaven. Perfect all day, love t the most after getting home from work, sitting back relaxing watching the sun set over the countryside. This a very nice flavour and then some. Just awesome.

Cleopatra is complex

Very delicious and elaborate juice. This goes from, citrus, pink grapefruit to champagne and a snappy, tart finish. One of my all time favorites.

All time favorite.

I have tried so many different brands and flavors and this is the one I compare everything to, its worth every dollar. The day this flavor is discontinued is the day I quit vaping.

Great smooth flavor

I wish I could to give ten stars.the best juice ever.I love this flavor. It's so smooth and tasteful.