The depth of this sultry elixir is found in the sweet caramel and brown sugar glazes that only the most incredible crème brulee desserts of the world delight in. A Master Chef and Sir James favorite, the richness of this vape will have you feeling like the wings of a falcon.

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So good, So incredibly smooth

It is the best I've ever had. I really enjoy the Horus flavor juice. Every pull is sweet perfection. This is really something special. Thanks!

100% sinful deligh without the calories

Are you prepared to indulge in your most sinful food pleasure? Well you're in the right spot. One puff of Horus will leave you craving more. Don't fear there's no calories with this delightful dessert. Easy on your cotton and coils too. Don't pass this delicate juice any more. Add the biggest size and get at least 3!!

Like no other!

Smooth, smoky, deliciousness!

Satisfy that sweet tooth!

As their description says - sweet caramel, brown sugar, and will remind you of the sugary, roasted crust of creme brulee. Again, the vape quality is great with this company, and this flavor is well balanced and delicious.